Harmony's Book Launch

See your storyline Playing out through the Crossroads with Other

David Harmony is launching a book, likely in March of 2022.   A nice Spring Break read❓😁

He has a cool Storyline full of keen observations about Life's Design and Goal.   He has BOLD suggestions for "what might be going on here [on this thing called Earth]".   

This book will cover:

  • The origin, perspectives and layers of Existing --> SELF:self.
  • How do Things-in-Events actually Initiate?
  • Modes of [non] Awareness and why that's crucial to Life's design.
  • The importance of Others.   How they help us know we ever existed.
  • Why we must forGet our Origin and the absolute Authority, Freedom, and Respond-Ability (responsibility) which comes from THAT.
  • Why does the current "theme" involve so much Suffering?   Do we need it at all?
  • The Storylines and Character Arcs will leave you both speechless & without excuses, for why you and WE, are the Way 'that we are'.
  • Key Outcome:   You will embrace the purest Compassion, for ALL of Life.

The targeted release date for Harmony's book is November of 2021.

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Listen to the Introduction (ch 1-6)
47 minutes
Available until the book enters its Publishing stage (so enjoy while available)

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Harmony's Video Poem of Essential Reminding
7 minutes
An artist comes close to fully Remembering our forGetting
4 minutes
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